Endurance Session

October 10, 2019 @ 6:30 pm
Wooded area between Knavesmire Road and Tadcaster Road opposite Hamilton Panthers Clubhouse
Knavesmire Road
Pete Schofield
01904 490902

Threshold Session.

Training lactate threshold increases the speed at which lactate occurs, enabling athletes to run at a faster pace before they fatigue. The benefits of being able to run at 6:30 pace compared with 7:00 pace is obvious. It means athletes will be running 30 seconds a mile faster before they fatigue.

Many runners only go on slow runs, staying away from speed work. While easy aerobic running is the basis of a training program, athletes can’t run slowly all of the time. Running slow all the time will just make you a slow runner. Once runners have a solid aerobic base of miles behind them, they need to incorporate faster workouts into their training program. Training using the whole continuum of paces, from slow running speeds to very fast speeds enhances both aerobic and anaerobic abilities. Fartleks, lactic threshold, intervals, and hill reps all can help runners learn a range of speeds and get FASTER.

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