YKH Club Newsletter –  Social runs are back! 

We’re pleased to say that social runs will be restarting this Thursday, 10th September.

As before, there’ll be three groups running at different paces. However, there are some important changed to note:

  • Sessions will start from the Hamilton Panthers clubhouse on Knavesmire Road. This is to help social distancing before the runs begin.
  • Groups are limited to 8 runners and 1 leader.
  • We are only operating the Thursday runs at this time.
  • Please only attend if you have secured a booking. Coaches and run leaders will have the full list of bookings prior to the session.
  • The groups will be doing different routes so please book a session appropriate for your ability. There will be no chance to change groups.
  • You can only book 1 social run at a time. However, you are able to book onto a social run and a track session in the same week.
  • We have set up a waiting list for each group, so feel free to add yourself to it. You’ll be automatically placed if someone drops out.
  • It’s also worth noting that we could potentially add an extra group 2 if the demand is there. If the session fills up, please add yourself to the waiting list so we can see that we need another group!
  • Please note that there are no facilities at Hamilton Panthers.

Booking a social run or track session
We’re using the same system for social runs as for the track sessions.

You can book onto a social run here and you can book onto a track session here.

We’ve created a full set of instructions on how to book, which you can find here.

The booking will close at 3:30pm on the day of the session. 

The first time you access the booking system, you’ll need to create an account. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a list of available sessions. Choose the session you would like to attend from the list, and click on it to book on.

Please note that we require your full name and contact phone number to comply with the Track and Trace guidelines.

If you book onto a session and then cannot attend or wish to change it, please remove your booking and re-book. The instructions on how to do so can be found in the file linked above.

If you cannot attend a session but have a place, please cancel or let us know at ykhbooking@gmail.com even if it’s after the booking deadline. We have had a number of instances where people with a place have not attended but there have been people on the waiting list that could have used that booking. 

If you have any questions, please email ykhbooking@gmail.com.

Attending sessions
Just a reminder to all please renew your membership if you would like to attend training sessions. As no training or racing has been in place we have not asked members to renew their membership. However, if you are planning to attend sessions we are now asking that membership fees are paid.

To renew your membership, please click here.

Newsletter recipient refresh
Every year, we refresh the newsletter mailing list based on the current club member list. This usually happens at the end of April, but as we haven’t asked for membership fees to be paid, we haven’t done it yet this year.

We are now coming up to the point where we need to do this refresh, and will be doing so at the end of September. If you wish to continue receiving the the newsletter and you haven’t renewed your membership, please do so by this date.

If you don’t wish to renew, but want to receive the newsletter, you can join as a social member (which is free).

Our six individual responsibilities
We all have a responsibility to play our part in the successful re-opening of the club.

Please avoid club training sessions if you are displaying any of the symptoms associated with Coronavirus – e.g. dry cough, fever or loss of small/taste.

Please maintain social distancing during training, with minimal congregating before and after, and maintain a distance of 2 metres between participants at all times.

Please carry your own equipment, e.g. water bottles, head torches, hand sanitiser. The club will not provide any equipment. No face masks are required while training.

And, please bear with us at this very unusual time. The Committee will continue to refine our club’s training procedures, based on feedback and experience.

If you have any questions or concerns about our resuming training sessions, please drop our Chairman a note at ykhchairman@yahoo.com.

Thanks to the members of the committee for volunteering their time to establish this new way of operating. And thanks to all Harriers for their continued support.

Let’s keep running, safely.

Teddy’s Viking marathon – help needed!
Teddy Wilcox was due to run her first marathon in May dressed as a Viking, naturally, but it was cancelled due to the coronavirus. Undaunted, she’s come up with a cunning plan to run it anyway.
On 17th October (or the 18th if the weather is terrible), she’ll be running a marathon from her home in Long Marston in full Viking costume. She’s planning to run legs from her home, and needs some support from fellow Harriers (fancy dress optional).
Teddy would like company on the following legs:

  • 13 miles around Poppleton
  • 10 km around Tockwith
  • 2 different 5Ks around the village, one hilly and one flat.

The planned pace will be 4 min run – 1 min walk (around 12:30-13 mins/mile).
If you’d like to help, please email teddy.wilcox@gmail.com.

EA guidelines
England Athletics have updated their guidance for running clubs, which you can find here.

Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • Clubs, groups and coaching/leading activity can now take place in unlimited numbers if it is within a Covid-19 secure environment, otherwise the limit of groups of six (including a coach or leader) remains. Each coach is able to train 12 people at one time so in a club/running group setting, multiple coaching/training groups can be run if the requisite number of coaches/leaders are present.
  • Different rules apply for those working with young people under 18. Please read and implement the government guidance.
  • Informal activity or that outside the Covid secure environment must still be within two household units or groups of no more than 6.
  • Social distancing and hygiene is still to be maintained and is key within a training involvement.
Local 10k routes
If you are looking for some new local running routes, below we share details of a number of the 10k routes that our club follows on our Monday and Thursday night social runs. In the spirit of official guidelines, please avoid driving to these routes, and don’t congregate with other members. We hope these are of use. (Thanks to Rachel for suggesting we share these, and to Alan for creating the routes on Strava.)

Acaster Lane: strava.com/routes/21783306
Acaster Malbis: strava.com/routes/21783347
Bishopthorpe & Skeldergate: strava.com/routes/21783369
Blue Bridge: strava.com/routes/22773501
Clifton: strava.com/routes/21783455
Clifton Ings: strava.com/routes/21783520
Coney Street: strava.app.link/1lQLowmqv7
Copmanthorpe & Askham Bryan: strava.com/routes/21786177
Energise: strava.com/routes/21786208
Front Street: strava.com/routes/21786229
Germany Beck: strava.com/routes/21786254
Heslington: strava.com/routes/21786346
Hills (Acomb): strava.com/routes/21787082
Hills (town): strava.com/routes/21787114
Hob Moor: strava.com/routes/21787134
Holgate Windmill: strava.com/routes/21787182
Poppleton: strava.com/routes/21787220
River run: strava.com/routes/21787285
Rowntree Park & Hob Moor: strava.com/routes/21787343
Scarcroft Road: strava.com/routes/21787494
Two Askhams: strava.com/routes/21787522
Two Bridges: strava.com/routes/21787540
Walmgate Stray: strava.com/routes/21787560
Yearsley: strava.com/routes/21787710

Want to volunteer in the local community?
If you are keen and able to volunteer in the local community, City of York Council have created a simple website to add your name to the list of more than 2,000 local volunteers. See here.

Can we help?
YKH is a great club, with a family of nearly 500 members. If any members could benefit from voluntary help from the club – perhaps collecting food or prescriptions – please let us know and we’ll do our best to help. Just email ykhchairman@yahoo.com.

YKH Investment Fund
A reminder that our investment fund is open to new ideas on how to allocate the club’s funds. This attachment has full details.
If you have any feedback that you would like to share with us, please reply to this email or send a message to clubsecretary@yorkknavesmireharriers.co.uk. We would love to hear of anything that you would like us to include in future newsletters.

Club Ethos: The Club is based upon the values of equality, personal responsibility, democratic cooperation, self and mutual help, respect for others and friendship.

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