Racing Round Up – w.e 24th March – Northern Road Relays, Vet’s XC Champ’s, Coniston 14,

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—Northern Road Relay Championships.

Team Manager Rob Ward Reports:

As eventful as ever – we lost a dozen to injury and illness in the last week, and then the M62 was shut this morning, so at 11.45am with 15 mins before the start only 2 of our 30 had arrived!
Thankfully all’s well that ends well, the troops all made it in the end, and after a lot of leg order rearranging our womens A team finished in 20th place and our mens A team squeaked into the top 25 A teams on the final lap of the track of the final leg, and thus booked our ticket to the national champs in a fortnight.
Legends the lot of them. Thanks to you all for your resilience, awesome running and support of Team YKH

–Women’s 6 Stage Relay.

Knavesmire ‘A’ team placed 20th out of 50 teams, with Knavesmire ‘B’ 47th.

YKH Team A:

Leg 1 Kate Thompson 30:21  19th
Leg 2 Ellie Wilkinson 19:20  26th
Leg 3 Emily Harper 18:55  21st
Leg 4 Francesca Sawyer 32:50  19th
Leg 5 Melanie Ellwood 18:42  16th
Leg 6 Hannah Strange 19:40  20th

Fittingly Hannah Strange ran the A team anchor leg, bringing the baton home on will probably be her last race for the club after many years of great service. Good luck in pastures new.

YKH Team B:

Leg 1 Kathryn Dickinson 36:14  45th
Leg 2 Lynette Banks 23:15  48th
Leg 3 Ruth Robson 28:30  46th
Leg 4 Louise Venables 36:46 46th

Although we have lost Hannah , it’s great to see Louise returned to the Knavesmire fold.

–Men’s 12 Stage.

Knavesmire ‘A’ team finished 29th out of 58 teams, with the ‘B’ team 53rd.

YKH Team A:

Leg 1 Laurence Griffin 26:04   25th
Leg 2 Chris Doble 16:27 35th
Leg 3 Tom Purvis 25:40 27th
Leg 4 Charlie Goodwin 15:42  28th
Leg 5 Toby Hone 27:57  28th
Leg 6 Jack Rank 16:07  30th
Leg 7 David Smithers 27:04  28th
Leg 8 Dan Dunnington 15:58  28th
Leg 9 Finlay Rylatt 16:41  29th
Leg 10 Rob Whitaker 16:29  28th
Leg 11 Rob Woodward 17:11  30th
Leg 12 Rob Ward 16:41  29th

YKH Team B:

Leg 1 Kieron Niven 31:14  55th
Leg 2 Ste Robson 18:04  54th
Leg 3 Edward Dunn 31:13  53rd
Leg 4 Jeremy Benson 19:20  54th
Leg 5 Steven Bell 31:37  51st
Leg 6 David Baker 19:54  52nd
Leg 7 Alan Wilkinson 33:06  52nd
Leg 8 Patrick Good 17:48  51st

—Yorkshire Veteran AA Cross Country Championships – Penistone Showground.

Jane Morby Reports:

Another great racing day for YKH on Sunday at the Yorkshire Veterans Cross Country Championships at Penistone.

Nine YKH Vets took on the challenging course with great results.

Kathryn Dickinson 2nd F65 with  Jet Jon Shepherd 3rd

Silver in the F55-64 team award for Kathryn Dickinson, Jet Jon Shepherd and Jane Morby

4th overall for Dave Smithers who also picked up the Smithy Award for 1st M50-69 also 1st M50-55

Silver Team award M35-44  Dave Smithers, Matt Freeman and Rory Henderson

-Race 1 , 5km Women 45+ & Men 70+.

26th Kathryn Dickinson 26:39   2nd F65  Silver Medal
35th Anna Marshall 27:53  6th F45
40th Jon Jet Shepherd 28:21  3rd F65 Bronze Medal
43rd Qin Zhou 28:31  8th F50
58th Jane Morby 30:41   10th F60

-Race 2 10km Women 35-44 & Men 35-69.

4th David Smithers 39:00  1st M50 Gold Medal
47th Matthew Freeman 45:48  4th M35
48th Rory Henderson 45:52  10th M40
99th Pete Downes 55:35  12th M60

—Coniston 14.

Liz Piper reports :

 “Conditions were a bit testing with a wide selection of weather (hail, rain, cold, headwinds but not sunshine!) but the course is super with hills, views across the lake, hills, spring flowers, hills, wildlife – oh and hills.

A fab day, made even nicer when I came first in my age category!”

Name Gender AgeGroup
ChipTime GunTime
539. Mandy Clarke 99/401(F) 9/54(F55+) 2:02:25 2:03:27
790. Liz Piper 211/401(F) 1/4(F70+) 2:17:05 2:18:31
945. Michael Denner 649/702(M) 22/26(M65+) 2:30:34 2:32:35
1009. Pam Anderson 336/401(F) 12/14(F65+) 2:40:34 2:41:59
1011. David I’anson 674/702(M) 2/4(M75+) 2:40:12 2:42:12
1040. Liam Milner 686/702(M) 276/278(MOPEN) 2:44:41 2:45:38
1100. Paul Adams 701/702(M) 8/8(M70+) 4:30:35 4:30:35
1101. Susan Adams 400/401(F) 4/4(F70+) 4:30:35 4:30:35

—York Area Parkrun PB’s.

-York parkrun.

Alice Fox 31:05

-Millfield parkrun.

Linda Schumacher 48:33