Social Runs

For those runners wanting a friendly run in company with others of a similar standard we offer training runs starting on Mondays and Thursdays. It is also an ideal starting point to join the club.

More details of the sessions meeting times and locations can be found here: Monday, Thursday.

The Routes
Most of our routes are about 10k but sometimes up to 7+ miles. We vary the routes, in summer we get out along the River Ouse and use the cycle tracks to keep away from roads. In winter we generally keep to the lit roads/paths but will be introducing “headtorch runs” where short sections may be on unlit pavements/cycle track. About once a month there is a session which includes hill reps.

The Groups
There are usually three groups of different paces. Within each group there are runners of varied abilities so we have designated stopping places about every mile for regrouping, with “runbacks” for the faster ones. No-one gets left behind.

The leaders have the Leader in Running Fitness qualification issued by UK Athletics. They are familiar with the routes which have all been scheduled beforehand.

The Benefits

  • Varied routes
  • Opportunity to run with faster runners
  • Can run at own pace
  • Social/friendly

For More Information
For more information contact John Middleton 07729 049971 or Martin Parvin 01904 707949

Social Runs

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