Group run and Threshold training sessions are currently on hold until further notice due to coronavirus restrictions.

 Track is back

Before booking please read & comply with all the info/rules listed below.
New booking system
Do not attend without a booking

On 29th July the club committee met to discuss the first steps in formally re-opening the club during the pandemic. We agreed to begin by re-opening the track from 4 August. This will for a capacity of 36 runners, using a new booking system.Please read this update carefully. If you have any questions, please contact ykhchairman@yahoo.com.

Our guiding principles
The committee agreed that the well-being of our members, coaches, run leaders and local community must come first. And from a legal perspective, our insurance requires that we follow all England Athletics guidelines. It is therefore important that we get this right.

Our phased approach – track first 
We will begin by re-opening the Tuesday track sessions. We will subsequently open our social runs, and eventually our Thursday threshold sessions. More time is needed for social run planning, given the larger number of run leaders involved. Our ambition is to open social runs later in August, subject to agreement with the run leaders.

New track session booking system for up to 36 runners 
We are introducing a new online booking system with a capacity of 36 runners (plus 3+ coaches). This will allow us:
– to meet social distancing guidelines
– to meet the England Athletics rules
– to satisfy our insurer, and
– to facilitate “track & trace”, if needed.

Members can book one session at a time. This is to avoid multiple sessions being booked at once. We want to share track sessions amongst all our members.

Given the limited capacity, the track will need to be limited to our first claim members only.

And, unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate under-18 runners at this time. The additional requirements for under-18 runners would further restrict our already limited capacity.

Booking system instructions 
You can book onto a track session here.

We’ve created a full set of instructions on how to book, which you can find here.

The first time you access the booking system, you’ll need to create an account. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a list of available sessions. Choose the session you would like to attend from the list, and click on it to book on.

Please note that we require your full name and contact phone number to comply with the Track and Trace guidelines.

If you book onto a session and then cannot attend or wish to change it, please remove your booking and re-book. The instructions on how to do so can be found in the file linked above.

Booking will close at 12:30pm on the day of the track session.

If you have any questions about the booking system or how to book onto a session, please email clubsecretary@yorkknavesmireharriers.co.uk.

Our six individual responsibilities
We all have a responsibility to play our part in the successful re-opening of the club.

Please avoid club training sessions if you are displaying any of the symptoms associated with Coronavirus – e.g. dry cough, fever or loss of small/taste.

Please only attend training sessions if you have secured a booking.

Please maintain social distancing during training, with minimal congregating before and after, and maintain a distance of 2 metres between participants at all times.

Please carry your own equipment, e.g. water bottles, head torches, hand sanitiser. The club will not provide any equipment. No face masks are required while training.

Please renew your membership if you would like to attend training sessions. As no training or racing has been in place we have not asked members to renew their membership. However, if you are planning to attend sessions we are now asking that membership fees are paid.

And, please bear with us at this very unusual time. The Committee will continue to refine our club’s training procedures, based on feedback and experience.

If you have any questions or concerns about our resuming training sessions, please drop me a note at ykhchairman@yahoo.com.

Who the Sessions are for
These sessions are targeted at endurance runners and triathletes. They are non-elitist but are not suitable for beginners. You should have a good stamina and endurance base before you introduce speed work to your training programme. If you are new to track sessions or are returning after injury please speak to the coach before the sessions starts.

Sessions Format
Please make sure you have warmed up prior to the start of the session (preferably with four laps of the track). The session will start with warm up drills. The coach will explain the session and what you are trying to achieve. The rep’s total volume is usually between 5k and 8k and are usually done in less than an hour and followed by a warm down. Sessions vary every week and include interval sessions at paces which can vary from 3-5k pace. The aim of the session is to improve your speed and prepare you for races.

Due to the popularity of these sessions it is not possible to give times for each distance and pace but pace charts are available and we encourage you to monitor your own sessions with help from your coach.

Typical Session

  • 12x400m
  • 5x1000m
  • Pyramids

Meeting Time

Meeting Location
The new Track at York University Sports Hall.

For More Information
Please contact our UKA level 3 performance coach Pete Schofield on 01904 490902.

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