Track Training on Tuesday.

Covid Update.

Please read & comply with all the info/rules listed below.

Booking no longer necessary, but you must write your name in the register before the track session starts and be a first or second claim member of YKH . Please make sure your   contact info held by the club via  the membership portal is up to date  (you can change personal details if required , login into  >click on your name / your membership>edit)

Please maintain social distancing during training, with minimal congregating before and after, and maintain a distance of 2 metres between participants at all times.

Please carry your own equipment, e.g. water bottles, head torches, hand sanitiser. The club will not provide any equipment. No face masks are required while training.

Who the Sessions are for :

These sessions are targeted at helping endurance runners  ( 5k/10k/half & full marathon) and triathletes improve their  performance and achieve their goals.
We have three ability groups each session with a wide variety of runners, but track is not recommended for absolute beginners.
You should have a good stamina and endurance base before you introduce speed work to your training programme. This could be through attending the club’s group runs and  building up your own weekly mileage .
If you are new to track sessions or are returning after injury please speak to the coach before the sessions starts.

Sessions Format
Please make sure you have warmed up prior to the start of the session (preferably with four laps of the track). The session will start with warm up drills. The coach will explain the session and what you are trying to achieve. The rep’s total volume is usually between 5k and 8k and are usually done in less than an hour and followed by a warm down. Sessions vary every week and include interval sessions at paces which can vary from 3-5k pace. The aim of the session is to improve your speed and prepare you for races.

Due to the popularity of these sessions it is not possible to give times for each distance and pace but pace charts are available and we encourage you to monitor your own sessions with help from your coach.

Typical Session

  • 12x400m
  • 5x1000m
  • Pyramids

Meeting Time

Meeting Location
The new Track at York University Sports Hall.

For More Information
Please contact our UKA level 3 performance coach Pete Schofield on 01904 490902.

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