We hope your training for the Brass Monkey is going well. A handful of runners have inquired about how to transfer their number to another runner. This can be done via the Results Base website. The instructions are below. If you do choose to transfer, please do so by 14 December as we’ll be packaging runner numbers after this date.
Thanks, the Brass Monkey Team
Transfer instructions
1. The new runner must first register on the Results Base website, by clicking on the “Log in” button at the top right of their website –
2. The new runner should now pass their registered name and email address to the original runner who currently holds the place.
3. The original runner should now log in to their Results Base account, via the Results Base home page –
4. Next, once logged in the original runner should select “My orders” at the top of their screen.
5. Next, the original runner should select the entry they want to transfer, and click the “Change owner” button.
6. Next, the original runner will be asked for the name and email address of the new runner. Once completed, the entry is now transferred to the new runner.
7. Finally, the new runner should update all the entry details to their own by logging in to their account – e.g. address, date of birth, t-shirt size.
The cut off date for transfers is 14 December as we’ll be packaging runner numbers after this date.
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