Racing Resumes.

—Swainby Sweep 14 mile race.

Well done to Josie Rawes who was 1st Lady at his Wintry trail race on the North Yorkshire moors. Runners set off at intervals due to Covid precautions.

8th Josie Rawes F 1:42:46.0   1st Lady
16th Ewan Kirk M  1:50:34.3

—Swainby Sweep 7 mile race.
5th  Tom Ratcliffe M  47:18.9
6th Robert Ward MV40   47:19.2

Rob, Tom and Ewan have the group pic photobombed by York Postal’s Glyn Elwood who was 3rd and Acorn’s Richard Purser who was 11th (both until recently YKH members)


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