Racing Round Up-w.e 16th June – Cleveland Way Relay & more…

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—York 5k Series – Race #5.

77th Viv Fraser 23:33 2nd FV55

—Otley 10 mile Road Race.

146th John Oliver 1:22:19   2nd MV65

—Buttermere Sailbeck Fell Race.  ( Friday 15th June).

Buttermere Sailbeck is a classic tough, rough fell race! It packs in over 4000ft of climbing into just over 9 miles so is not for the faint hearted!  The 2024 race is a counter in the English Fell Running Championship.

Starting from Buttermere Village, the route climbs onto the Knott Rigg before traversing the ridgeline of Ard Crags and dropping down into Rigg Beck. A brutal climb back up onto Causey Pike leads way to a stunning and airy run across Scar Crags to Sail and Crag Hill. From here, the descent begins over Whiteless Pike and all the way back into Buttermere – a long and exhilarating descent!

—Cleveland Way Relay.

On Sunday the 16th of June, York Knavesmire Harriers fielded 16 sturdy runners to run the Cleveland Way Relays covering 109 miles from File landing to the memorial cross in Helmsley. Encompassing some of the most well known parts of the coast, the moors and historic towns of the North.

Whilst I have your attention, this genuinely was one of the most fun days out for me this year! Absolutely amazing to see so many good people turn and just run for the club with little to no fuss, just getting on with it!

Couple of memorable moments for me. The time in Skinningrove with all the runners and seeing our Baz come down the hill. Ewan asking his little one to not lick the bus stop whilst Orna was racing towards us! The heavens opening up whilst out on my leg! Watching the WhatsApp group go crazy throughout the day with pictures and videos of all the happenings! The gathering of as many of us for the fish and chips in Helmsley for a good honest days work! Finally, spending good time with many of the club members!

I really hope that we can do this as a club next year and want to encourage getting people involved as its a really quite inclusive due the mass starts allowing teams to finish in good time. Definitely, think we could get two teams entered.
Glynn and Mel Ellwood head to Filey the break of dawn 05:00 mass start of about 16 clubs, covering about 14.2 mile from Filey to Cloughton.
Fells veteran, Andrew Johnson picked up the mantle from Cloughton to Ravenscar covering 5.5 mile and then a cool down to get back to the car.
Emyr decided it was a very decent day to bring his lad out for Fathers day for a race along the coastline, he was right. Covering 3.6 miles for the race and then a bit more because he loves it.
David Morrison put in a stonking effort from Robin Hoods Bay to the whale bones in Whitby which entailed 7.1 mile.
At this stage we have a mass start at 09:00 in Whitby by the whale bones. So far 30.4 mile (50k) has been covered with 935m of ascent and completed in circa 4 hours 20 minutes.
Giles starts us off, make sure to ask him about the jostling for position! 8 miles covered.
Partner in crime Baz is out and about. Watching this bloke fly himself down the hill into Skinningrove was a sight whilst Lance, Orna and myself sun ourselves with all the other runners who have gathered. 8.1 miles done.
Orna gets tagged in from Baz. Orna was a last minute addition and covered this much longer leg. Orna covers 8.5 miles.
Ewan picks up the reins to get to the top of Roseberry Topping, I think we could see that pink hat from 3 miles away on the main road. Another 7.6 miles done.

Eds Brief Race Report with Four Sentences for Four Miles for Leg 10 on the Cleveland Way.

Orna spurred me on saying that the uphill section up to Captain Cook’s moment was runnable, but didn’t know the tasting of iron was part of that! Absolutely flew down from the monument to Kildale, the heavens opened up and got soaked. Climbing to Battersby Moor was a bit of a beast, grateful to the guys who opened the gate and a bit of power walking for a section. So glad to see Lance and Orna ready to go, Lance and I tag each other, cheering and clapping Lance as he races down the road.

The one and only Lance Hill cracks on and races down the road to find his escape onto the sandy trails of the Cleveland Way. 7.6 ticked off.

Clay Bank leg starts with another mass start at 14:00, opening up to a cracking incline within meters of the start and soon means  that the “middle section” of legs completed which results in a total of 74 miles of running has been achieved by 11 runners.
Claire starts off for the Car 6 gang taking the team for the final set of legs. A hilly 3.5 mile done.
The man, the myth legend that is Gavin takes over from Claire and gets 7.5 mile done in no time.
Louise takes over from Gavin for a final finish to hand over to Cassie in wonderful place called Sneck Yate. Another 8 mile completed.
Cassie flies off up the hill, I thought Cassie had a flat section. In no time at all another 6.5 mile is done.
Bryan Drew, do I need to say any more?! Probably not, Bryan covered 7.1 mile to take the final leg in for the team.

Time for fish and chips!

Knavesmire finished 6th out of 19 teams that started, with a total time of 16:24:06, not bad for a  first attempt.

—York Area Parkrun PB’s.

-Heslington Parkrun.

Kristiina Hanson 23:33
Colin Lea 27:19