Everyone who applied for a Summer League place before the 4th April cut-off should have received their number by now, and if not to contact Richard Yeoamans  Mobile 07940 526855, email
 Attached is a list of numbers for the runners to make sure everyone has got the right number as well.  Entrants after the 4th will receive their number soon after Pock.
Also and apologies to those affected some of the envelopes were doubled up with numbers and have been held at the post office – hopefully the couples in our club have got theirs.

Also, Pock Runners would appreciate any volunteers who are unable to run on Tuesday

Finally – food is going to be served at the Rugby Club after the run, we are joining forces with Pock Runners and we have catered for 80 people (including Pock) – so everyone is welcome regardless if they replied or not.

List of Runners :- YKH YDRRL Entrants 040417

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