YKH Racing Round Up – w.e 8th July – Wistow, Leeds 10k, Burn Valley, Kilburn, Castle Howard & more..

Photo taken by Alan Marshall

—Wistow 10k , YDRRL Race #6 .     Results      Report by Ed Mezzetti

Emma Ballantyne sealed the York & District Road Race League women’s title with a dominant victory in the final round at Wistow.

Ballantyne (City of York) won her fourth race of the 10k series by almost two minutes in hot conditions to take the title in style.

Ian Ellwood (York Postal Harriers) secured his second straight victory in the men’s category, but having only completed three races he did not feature in the final standings.

With runners’ best four races to count, Ballantyne’s wins at Pocklington, Tadcaster, Easingwold and then Wistow meant she took the title by six points from her clubmate Jessica Troy. York Knavesmire Harrier’s Victoria Sewell finished third, a further two points back.
On the night, Ballantyne clocked 37mins 54secs, with Nik Tarrega (Knavesmire) second in 39.51.
Already the vet 35 women’s champion, Knavesmire’s Sarah Attwood came home third in 40.38.

Lucy Pinder (Knavesmire) was the second vet 35 woman across the line in 41.19, followed by Pocklington’s Katie Wise in 43.16.

The first three vet 45 women home at Wistow matched the category’s final standings, with York Acorn’s Julie Lawn (44.50) taking the spoils from Easingwold’s Sheila Capper (46.48) and Pocklington’s Alison Thornton (47.02).

Knavesmire’s Jet Jon Shepherd (46.05) was the leading vet 55 lady, which meant she finished tied for first place in the standings with Acorn’s Gill Boynton, who was second on the night in 46.33.

Jane Nodder (Knavesmire) was third home in 49.14 and also finished there in the series.

The vet 65 women’s result also matched the series standings, with Knavesmire’s Mary Farmery (53.41) first, ahead of Pocklington’s Kathryn Taylor (56.42). Liz Piper (Knavesmire) was third in 1.11.35.

Ellwood had won by more than 30 seconds in round five at Bishop Wilton, but this edged out Gareth Green (Knavesmire) by a far smaller margin.

The York Postal runner clocked 34.33 to Green’s 34.37, while Acorn’s Paul Whitaker was a further six seconds behind.

Stuart Grange (Knavesmire) and Chris Poulton (Acorn), who had already secured first and second places in the series, did not race at Wistow, but Green’s runner-up spot helped him finish a clear third overall.
Selby Striders’ Ian Robertson (36.51) was the third vet 40 man home, but, although absent, Pocklington’s Stuart Smith had already secured that spot in the series.
Pocklington’s Darren Ball (38.44) took the vet 50 spoils on the night and in so doing secured third place in the series behind Glen Johnson (Tadcaster) and Neil Strange (Knavesmire).

Easingwold’s Mark Whiteman (39.09) and Acorn’s John Cooper (39.39) completed the podium at Wistow.

Acorn’s David Lancaster (41.38) saw off vet 60 rival, Easingwold’s Howard Thompson (41.45), which ensured the former took second in the series, ahead of the latter.
Champion Steve Boynton (Acorn) did not race, while Pickering’s Paul Robinson (42.07) was third on the night.
Pickering’s Michael Hetherton (47.57) was the first vet 70 man home as he sealed the series title.
Knavesmire’s David l’Anson (52.49) was second ahead of Acorn’s Michael Tasker (56.27), but these places were reversed in the overall standings.
Both team competitions had been won by Knavesmire with a race to spare, but Acorn’s strong finish meant they finished joint second in the men’s category with City of York.

Behind Knavesmire in the women’s event were City of York and Pocklington.

Series prize winners
Individual (best 4 of 6)
Men overall: 1 Stuart Grange (Knavesmire) 5pts; 2 Chris Poulton (Acorn) 8; 3 Gareth Green (Knavesmire) 11; 4 Paul Whitaker (Acorn) 16; 5 Robin Stacey (Acorn) 25; 6 Richard Purser (Knavesmire) 26.
Vet 40 men: 1 Gareth Green (Knavesmire) 4; 2 Paul Whitaker (Acorn) 7; 3 Stuart Smith (Pocklington) 11.
Vet 50 men: 1 Glen Johnson (Tadcaster) 5; 2 Neil Strange (Knavesmire) 7; 3 Darren Ball (Pocklington) 10.
Vet 60 men: 1 Steve Boynton (Acorn) 4; 2 David Lancaster (Acorn) 7; 3 Howard Thompson (Easingwold) 8.
Vet 70 men: 1 Michael Hetherton (Pickering) 5; 2 Michael Tasker (Acorn) 12; 3 David l’Anson (Knavesmire) 13.
Women overall: 1 Emma Ballantyne (City of York) 4; 2 Jessica Troy (City of York) 10; 3 V Sewell (Knavesmire) 12; 4 Sarah Attwood (Knavesmire) 15; 5 Aoife Burke (Knavesmire) 21; 6 Samantha Davies (Easingwold) 27.
Vet 35 women: 1 Sarah Attwood (Knavesmire) 4; 2 Samantha Davies (Easingwold) 8; 3 Lucy Pinder (Knavesmire) 10.
Vet 45 women: 1 Julie Lawn (Acorn) 4; 2 Sheila Capper (Easingwold) 7; 3 Alison Thornton (Pocklington) 11.
Vet 55 women: 1= Jet Jon Shepherd (Knavesmire) 6, 1= Gill Boynton (Acorn) 6; 3 Jane Nodder (Knavesmire) 7.

Vet 65 women: 1 Mary Farmery (Knavesmire) 4; 2 Kathryn Taylor (Pocklington) 8; 3 Liz Piper (Knavesmire) 11.

Team (best 5 of 6)
Men: 1 Knavesmire 5; 2= City of York 12, 2= Acorn 12; 4 Pocklington 20; 5 York Postal 24; 6 Easingwold 30.

Women: 1 Knavesmire 5; 2 City of York 11; 3 Pocklington 14; 4 Easingwold 18; 5 Acorn 21; Tadcaster 30.

—Burn Valley Half Marathon.

2nd Gareth Green             1:20:19
84th Vicky Green              1:53:04
88th Stef Durkin               1:54:25
165th Dan Taylor             2:15:26
169th Angela Shepherd 2:16:44
173rd Viv Fraser               2:17:39


—Kilburn 7.

3rd Phil Elliot                    41:43
21st John Wiley                48:32
41st Laura Schofield         53:36        2nd Lady
43rd Andrew Tomlinson 53:52
70th Jane Nodder         1:00:26

—Castle Howard 10k Trail Race.

8th Rory Henderson       47:35
20th Pete Downes             51:05
23rd Thomas McCusker 51:51
66th Mark Sullivan      1:03:40
113th Edwina Wilcox    1:16:11
154th Pam Cockerill     1:35:44

—Castle Howard 6k Trail Race.

2nd Mark Harney 26:47

—Run for All – Leeds 10k.

8th David Smithers            35:15    3rd M40
24th Lindsay Toulson       37:05
254th James Chambers    43:56
281st Corrie Percival         44:41      2nd F40  & PB
472nd Bob French               47:26
593rd Ellie Page                  48:49
746th Hope Ramsden       49:57
1302nd Pete Schofield      55:16   5th M70
1467th Jenny Steele          55:56

—Borrowdale Trail Run 21k.

32nd Darren Hendley 2:09:20

—Danefield Relays .

6th YKH Team of :

Barry Atkinson 00:21:39 Andy Holladay 00:21:41 Chris Roberts 00:18:38      Total Time = 01:01:58

—York Parkrun.

446 participants, 37 from YKH ( 8.3 % ).

York Parkrun PB’s for :

Richard Purser 17:05
Caitlin Rushby 25:32
Dick Hunter 26:57

—Heslington Parkrun.

213 participants, 18 from YKH ( 8.4 % ).

Heslington Parkrun PB’s for:

Brian Sharp 21:24
Dylan Wilson 20:22

—New Earswick Parkrun.

62 participants, 8 from YKH ( 12.9 % ).

New Earswick Parkrun PB’s for :

Kim Critchley 17:00
Helen Young  22:03
James Chambers 22:04

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