Ripon 10 Mile – Club Run Race Report

Ripon 10 Mile Race – 18th May 2014

Ripon 10 mile race 2014-05-18 (16)A hot and sunny day was on the menu for York Knavesmire’s 5th club run of the year. Those brave enough to tackle the heat and hills arrived at the race HQ in good spirits, with the familiar background summer smells of bacon, sun tan cream and deep heat. It was tempting to stay there and indulge in the pleasures on offer, but we’re a hardy bunch and had a job to do.

After a 5 minute walk to the start line the race got underway on time without too much fuss. Although the start is the same as December’s “Jolly Holly Jog”, the fields couldn’t be further from the squelchy mud fest we’re used to. They were blooming with flowers and butterflies, and a splattering of supporters had come to the start line to cheer us on as we dodged the nettles and jostled for position.

Although a little congested to begin with, the long and arduous climbs early on soon thinned the field, happily reducing the elbow-intimacy with sweaty strangers. Marshals were plentiful and cheery, and traffic was at a minimum which is always nice.

At the bottom of the first big descent, approximately 4 miles in, I had an impromptu energy snack in the form of a juicy fly. Although it offered resistance at first, a swig of water ensured it went down and kept me going. I had another fly a few miles later, just to ensure my energy levels remained for the final push.

As we entered the last kilometre and were back on the fields there were supporters dotted around to cheer us on. I was locked in a deadly battle with another male runner and the 4th lady, both of whom thought they’d have a crack at beating me. The joke was on them, for I’d had my insect snacks and surged to a quick finish, much to the applause of literally tens of supporters (including Knavesmire’s own compulsive supporter and birthday girl Clare Moffatt). As the morning went on the support grew as runners stayed to cheer their comrades on, providing a lovely summer atmosphere.

At the end of the race my ever tolerant wife Ruth provided home made cakes and flapjack to anyone who wanted them, and as is becoming customary we took pity on a lonely York Acorn and fed them too.

Out of 24 qualifying male teams (three runners per team), Knavesmire had 4 teams, in 5th place, 9th, 19th and 24th. The ladies only had one qualifying team out of 13, but that sole team finished 5th with Sarah Attwood leading the charge (and being just a few seconds outside of a prize).

The Knavesmire results are:

24th – David Leese 1:08:50

31st – Stephen Robson 1:09:59

37th – Stefan Durkin 1:11:15

42nd – Pete Downes 1:11:58

48th – Ewan Cochrane 1:12:43

55th – Nick Griffin 1:14:43

63rd – Sarah Attwood 1:19:09

74th – Andy Bell 1:17:51

79th – Stephen Green 1:19:01

105th – John Middleton 1:23:51

185th – Peter Lythe 1:32:15

211th – Peter Bygrave 1:35:16

235th – Jane Carter 1:38:44

241st – Pat Boden 1:39:36

242nd – Graham Bayliss 1:39:24

320th – Gareth Preece 1:52:22

327th – Margaret Brown 1:57:04

330th – Liz Piper 1:58:52

331st – Samantha Lyth 1:58:52

Full results can be found here:

Excellent work everyone, well done!

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