YKH Round Up – w.e 26.Nov – Lee Mills Relays, Barnsley 10k & Clowne Half.

–Rossendale’s Lee Mills Fell Relays.

Louise Venables

Our Men’s team won this last year and our Ladies were the victors in 2015, so we have a good history with this race .
By history I mean an inability for those who ran in 2015 to forget their bodies being frozen to the bone by Storm Clodagh.

Cold but spectacular

The weather forecast for this year was a slight cause for concern as it featured images of heavy snowy then heavy rain, on arrival we were somewhat put at ease with scenes of a winter wonderland , snow coated Pennine Hills above Bacup and what seemed like fairly pleasant weather at the race hq area.

Christian Garvey

The race consists of  4 legs run on a just over 6 mile course , working up through the old quarries , eventually climbing to the aptly named Hail Stone Hill, after admiring the spectacular wind farm and crisp blue skies above the snowy moors you   turned downhill from there , descending across treacherously boggy ground , and renegotiating the quarries and some more bogs before completing a leg.

Richard Tarrega

The temperature at higher altitudes was again bitingly cold but the wind did not assault you as it did two years ago. The snow was not too much of a hindrance but the slippy mud , sodden ground and deep bogs that looked innocuous until your attempted a heroic leap across them turned into a disheartening and rather sinking experience were.

This year we had three teams competing, Mens and Ladies ‘A’ teams and a Mens ‘B’ team .

The Men’s ‘A’ team were fourth and consisted of:

Leg 1 Christian Garvey 58:29
Leg2 Neil Stabbs 1:00:31
Leg 3 Simon Collins 1:02:30
Leg 4 Tom Ratcliffe 59:13

The Ladies Team were 57th and 7th Female team, they were :

Leg1 Louise Venables 1:10:48
Leg 2 Petra Chapman Gibbs 1:36:23
Leg 3 Kate Turner 1:19:55
Leg 4 Nik Tarrega 1:07:06

The B team finished 43rd:

Leg 4 ‘A’ team – Tom Ratcliffe Leg 4 ‘B’ team – Giles Hawking

Leg 1 Rich Tarrega 1:09:10
Leg 2 Tom Sinclair 1:06:12
Leg 3 Andy Chapman Gibbs 1:29:54
Leg 4 Giles Hawking 1:01:28

—Clowne Half Marathon.                                     Results

Pos    M  F   Forename Surname Cat  Cat/Pos ChipTime ChipPos GunTime
44 0002 Sarah Attwood F35 (001/146) 01:29:15 44 01:29:19
181 0152 Stefan Durkin M40 (063/158) 01:43:06 176 01:43:44
411 0298 Chris Attwood M S (088/109) 02:00:01 413 02:00:40
451 0138 Vivianne Fraser F45 (034/087) 02:03:00 456 02:03:25
538 0350 Richard Yeomans M40 (136/158) 02:09:30 538 02:10:01

—Barnsley 10k.

181st Jonathon Boyle             46:29
348th Peter Lyth                      51:44
540th Pam Anderson        01:01:03
579th Sam Lyth                  01:03:45
606th Richard Anderson  01:06:58

—York Parkrun cancelled due to ice.

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