Victorious Vets at Crossgates.

Victorious Vets Glad to report that with the Summer League racing completed for another year the number of YKH runners attending this race increased to 8 with 3 club members securing age category prizes – some percentage! A perfect English summer evening with the sun shining but with a pleasant cooling breeze provided almost perfect running conditions for the 238 runners who completed the race. For anyone who has experienced vets racing I promise it was dry underfoot from start to finish! … [Read more...]

Vet’s Grand Prix Series. Report – West Vale Wednesday 9th July

Vet’s Grand Prix Series.   West Vale Wednesday 9th July   Well done to our three gents who turned out to run this event. Always one of the more demanding challenges of the GP series it did not fail to live up to expectations.   We are pleased to report that our intrepid team all completed the course with Dave Hutchinson leading them home followed by Roger Bilsby and Michael Collins. Congratulations to you all with a special mention to Roger who was running for the … [Read more...]

Vets GP#3 – Kirkstall report

Vet’s Grand Prix Series. Race 3 Kirkstall Abbey Tues 27th May Unfortunately due to the usual clash with the York Summer league our Vets contingent was greatly reduced! In the picturesque (if somewhat wet and murky) grounds of Kirkstall Abbey Pete Downes was the sole YKH representative. Well done Pete great racing as usual. Sorry you had to go it alone but we are hopeful that once the Summer League series is completed, a few more of the Vets will be able to attend. Our next event is at … [Read more...]

Pudsey – YVAA Vets GP Series – Race 1 – Report

Vet’s Grand Prix Series 2014  First challenge of the series was the old favorite at Pudsey. Normally held in mid June it is always one of our ‘dirtier runs’. Rescheduled to early February it surpassed all expectations! A slithering downhill start gave all the competitors a taste of things to come – two woodland laps through every variety of mud known to runners! At least halfway round there was the added bonus of a chance to wash off some of the mud when the route includes a paddle through … [Read more...]

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